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Consumers are always looking to satisfy their desires of elsewhere, but nowadays there is an awareness. Support for small designers has become essential, particularly in African countries. Certain initiatives exist and make it possible to reconcile desire for elsewhere and support for African production. This is the case of Africabaie, which allows local consumption while “traveling” at a lower cost.

There are supporters of local consumption and those who want to travel cheaply. Africabaie reconciles the two by allowing its customers to satisfy their desires of elsewhere while supporting small African designers and producers. Clothes, decorative objects or beauty products are shipped in a week and allow the designers to be known worldwide.

After large marketplace like Amazon, Cdiscount, Etsy, the time has come for specialized marketplaces. Africabaie allows you to discover products from Africa, as well as African designers. The products offered on the Africabaie platform are handcrafted with colorful fabrics, by innovative and original designers in typical African print and colors.