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I hope you are doing well.

Until now, all customers in the European Union who bought products online, the price of which did not exceed 22 euros, did not pay customs fees.

But the European Union has passed a law that will change that. Read the memo from the EU commission here.

From July 1, 2021, all imports of goods and merchandises into the EU with a value of less than 22 euros will henceforth be subject to VAT.

A product which, for example, currently costs 18 euros for the customer, sold and shipped from a country outside the European Union (Africa, America, Asia and certain European countries outside the EU), could probably cost twice as much from from July 1, 2021. Because customers will have to pay customs fees. To this should be added the shipping fees (DHL, UPS or La Poste local).

With this new directive, European buyers and sellers located outside the EU will be severely impacted.

For marketplaces and e-commerce actors, this leads us to review our pricing strategy and find new delivery methods and partnerships for the delivery of goods / products within the EU.

We are currently studying various solutions in order to provide you with adequate options.

Have a great week.

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